Dean Fagan

Dean Fagan is a composer/musician born and based in Dublin, Ireland. Dean began his music career at the age of 9 when he first learned how to play the clarinet and can currently play clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone. Dean has performed in many jazz/big bands and orchestras over his years as a musician.

At the age of 15, Dean found his true passion, music composition. From then Dean has immersed himself into the world of film,media and game music. He found his main inspirations to be composers such as Hans Zimmer, John William, Michael Giacchino, Daniel James and many more. 

Dean completed his Bachelor's degree in music(BMus) from the University of Maynooth specialising in music composition. To date Dean has had two of his own compositions recorded and performed live his; 'Piano & Clarinet Duo No.1' and also his score 'March to Freedom', which was commissioned by the Ballymun music project and performed by the Ballymun Band and conducted by acclaimed Irish conductor David Brophy.

Dean is always working hard to develop his music knowledge and grow his portfolio, composing powerful & emotional music for film/media/game.

If you are interested in hiring Dean to write music for your Video Game,Film or Media Project contact him at: